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My first book, ‘Coins for the Ferryman’ sold 6000 copies and was favourably reviewed in several major Australian newspapers. Two options were taken up to make a film of the book but, unfortunately, sufficient finance could not be raised to enable the projects to be completed.

My second book, ‘Mother’s Day’ was included for assessment, with a favourable review in a critical work examining Australian Fiction from1970-88 entitled ‘The New Diversity’ written by Ken Gelder and Paul Salzman, published by Mcphee Gribble.

After the publication of my first two books, I received a Literature Board writing grant which enabled me to take time off from teaching to write ‘Oasis’.

Several stories and articles have been published in Australian newspapers and Australian short story anthologies. One of my stories, ‘The Book of Life’ was recorded by the ABC. It has been read on ABC radio several times.

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